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Children's Resource Center has developed a unique program for children using music, art, puppetry, movement and imagination known as The Mind Garden. By using all of the arts instead of focusing on one modality, there are greater opportunities for children to express their feelings.

This program provides the tools necessary for teachers, parents and medical professionals to help children develop integrity and life skills. It is designed to stimulate and enhance children's innate appreciation of truth, beauty and goodness.

The observable benefits of this program are increased self-esteem, a desire to be self-directed, resistance to peer pressure, the ability to focus on tasks and a new-found respect for themselves, others and the world in which they live.

Books, manuals, puppets, videos and scripts form this important and highly effective educational program that has been given high marks from teachers, doctors, administrators, parents and the press.

What People Are Saying

"We loved it!"

"The program has value and has demonstrated success."
Duane K. Sheldon, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools

"It's a motivating way to address some difficult topics."
Dr. John Butts, Director of Curriculum

"It deserves widespread support to ensure the survival of our future generations."
Karl Maret, M.D.

"Puppets help children express their feelings."
The Scottsdale Progress

"Programs produce changes most readily seen in altered behaviors, increased personal perceptions. Attention spans have been increased, negative behaviors have been reduced."
Barbara Yorkis, Executive Director Very Special Arts, Arizona

"Creative means spark progress in special kids."
The Arizona Republic

"This is obviously a very important need for our society in these times."
Raun D. Melmed, M.D.

"It was fun!"

"I recommend the entire program to other schools."
Dr. Keith Powell, Principal

"The subjects that are dealt with in the scripts would be so much harder to talk about without the help of these darling puppets."
Mother and teacher

"The puppets are a good visual aid. They draw the attention of a child and facilitate learning."
Nancy Clarke, Director of Curriculum

"Uses creative arts to reach some very special people."
The Phoenix Gazette

"A totally new concept for preschoolers. I highly recommend it."
Carolyn Robbins, Director of Education Scottsdale (AZ) Cultural Council

"The quality of the puppets and the messages in the scripts provide excellent role models for today's children. I can highly recommend the program."
Janece Kline, Executive Director, Kachina Country Day School